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Helping You Teach Your Kids the Value of Money

Educating parents using our easy-to-do and practical tools to raise financially savvy kids for lifelong success.

AllowanceMatter$ helps you easily start an effective, streamlined and flexible allowance system for your child in less than 2 hours!

Establish a sense of responsibility and help your youngster learn how to budget and manage money NOW, so they become financially knowledgeable and responsible adults.

What you get

Virtual Workshop

Our unique two-hour live workshop will guide you through the AllowanceMatter$ system in 10 easy steps. Learn how to use the 4-jar allowance system, the importance of a regular allowance, non-intimidating allowance math, and much more.

Binder Kit

Studies show that children experience a more significant impact when handling physical money. The AllowanceMatter$ comprehensive kit provides all the tools and tracking sheets you need to start preparing your child for financial success.

Money Jar Labels

Our practical hands-on 4-jar AllowanceMatter$ system will give your child a realistic, physical budgeting experience, helping them deeply understand money concepts.

e-Guide for Teens

The AllowanceMatter$ system evolves with your child as they grow from youngsters to teenagers. Learn how to transition the allowance from physical to digital money and help them master debit and credit card management.

Why Thousands of Parents Choose Us

Canadian parents have a common goal to help their children become happy, responsible and financially successful adults.

There’s no need to figure it out on your own. Instead, parents welcome the comprehensive two-hour workshop that walks them through the worksheets and answers all their questions, so they’re ready to implement the AllowanceMatter$ system immediately!

Youngsters easily grasp the AllowanceMatter$ money concepts of SAVE, SHARE, NEEDS and WANTS. And parents can use everyday activities like shopping or going to the bank to amplify the learning experience.

Rest assured; you’ll feel good as a parent and proud of your child as you implement our unique AllowanceMatter$ system. You’re on the right path to raising financially literate citizens.




I attended the 1st [Knowledge Makes Cents] workshop at my daughter’s school and I was eager to learn more on how this works. So I attended another session for 1.5 hours [the AllowanceMatters Workshop] and it was amazing. I got the tools and ideas that I have always wanted to teach my kids how to learn about the financial and saving world. The tools are very useful and informative


I really enjoyed the AllowanceMatter$ workshop. I finally learned why it’s good or not to give kids an allowance in exchange for chores. This very well organized system helps children take responsibility at a very early age and allows them to make money-wise decisions. Very well done Deborah! Thank you.


A great workshop/presentation. Learned to implement an allowance system that can work in one family. The thought that giving an allowance is not extra cost from our budget helped in understanding how it can work. Thank you very much for having this workshop.

J. M.

Deborah is a wonderful speaker. She kept the workshop lively and relevant. Her [allowance] system is practical and I can see our family using it to teach the kids financial responsibility. She is encouraging and her method can be adopted easily to suit everyone’s needs.

J. W.

Q. I’ve tried other allowance systems and apps, and they were difficult to follow and didn’t work. So how do I know AllowanceMatter$ will work?

A. We provide all the tools and guidance you need to not only implement AllowanceMatter$ right away, but our system evolves as your youngster grows from childhood to teenager to young adult at age 18.

Q. What if I can’t afford to give an allowance to my kids?

A. You can afford it! AllowanceMatter$ shifts the money you’re already spending ON your kids (clothes/toys) TO your kids, helping them value money and learn financial accountability.

Q. How easy is AllowanceMatter$?

A. The 10-step virtual workshop walks you through our system, making it easy to understand and quick to implement.

Q. I don’t like math! Does AllowanceMatter$ involve a lot of math?

The 10-step virtual workshop takes all the guesswork out and makes the allowance math simple.



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